Peace Pole Gardens Project


Peace Poles symbolize the oneness of humanity and our common wish for a world practicing peace Collectively, people of every nation have planted more than 250,000 Peace Poles dedicated as monuments to peace.  They serve as physical reminders for us to visualize and pray for world peace.

A Culture-building, Collective Experience

The collaboration in creating a Peace Pole or Post for Peace and Justice for your organization, community center, park, church, school, private home or apartment allows for people to come together to create, plant and celebrate the meaning it represents.  

You can “plant” your Peace Pole or Post for Peace and Justice in a variety of ways — from simple placement within an interior or exterior common area or flower bed to building a labyrinth or sitting area for contemplation, meditation and conversations.  

Sneak Peek at a Peace Pole Painting Session

Project Partner: Peace Poles for Schools

Looking for a White Vinyl “May Peace Prevail on Earth” Peace Pole for Your School? 

Ret. Major Renee Marie and Maria Maldonado serve schools interested in ordering and planting a Peace Pole on campus. Renee and Maria consult the school administration on selecting the languages, the size of the pole and other details as well as providing dedication ceremony facilitation. 

Plastic Peace Pole

White Vinyl Pole with up to 8 languages

  • Least client participation 
  • Shortest project duration 
  • Minimal design 
  • $ 
Wooden Peace Pole

Peace Pole w/Words and Imagery

  • Medium client participation 
  • Medium project duration 
  • Additional design elements 
  • Paint pole 
  • $$ 

Post for Peace and Justice

  • Most client participation 
  • Often longest project duration 
  • Additional design elements 
  • Paint post 
  • Peace and Justice workshops 
  • $$$ 

Peace Pole Gardens Project Interest Form

Meet our Peace Pole Gardens Project Certified Artist Facilitators. 

Each of these remarkable artists dedicates their lives to the work of bringing equity, love, celebration, safety, health and well-being to our region through the facilitation of Peace Pole projects. They come from diverse cultures and personal histories and socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to being accomplished artists in various disciplines, they have received extensive training and certification in facilitating Peace Pole projects and Posts for Peace and Justice projects. 

Tasha King
Program Manager

Tasha is a self-taught abstract painter. Her paintings illustrate the emotional effects on the mind, body and spirit. The imagery, message, or feeling from her paintings are for someone’s healing, the answer to a prayer or a reminder. 

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Sue Anne Foster
Artist Facilitator

Sue is a mixed media artist who focuses on recycling found objects into sculpture, including most recently on aluminum and copper repoussé processes.  She likes her art to express and celebrate diversity and inclusion...

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Lisa Elias
Artist Facilitator

Lisa Elias was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She is a multi-faceted visual and performing artist.  Lisa enjoys creating for creation's sake.  It has helped her through her whole life, when words fail to release enough for her emotionally.  

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Alek Jones
Artist Faciliator

Alek Jones is a painter from Los Angeles who moved to Sacramento as an adolescent. He resides in the city of Sacramento with his wife and two sons. Some of Alek’s mediums are acrylic, pen and ink markers and charcoal. 

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Renee Scott-Femenella
Artist Facilitator

Renee loves to paint everything from rocks to murals and works primarily in both watercolor and acrylic. Professional artist is a fairly new title. Renee spent 23 years leading schools as a principal with disenfranchised communities.

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Brenda Gustin
Peace Pole Ambassador

Brenda Astara Gustin, Ph.D., has focused her life upon peace and freedom. As co-founder and President of a Sudbury School, children, including her own, were provided opportunity to create from their innate desire to learn.

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Joan Marie

Our work is dedicated to our late Founder, Joan Marie 

Inspired by the work of her friend, Major Renee Marie, Joan Marie and Brenda Gustin created the Peace Pole Gardens Project to offer a hands-on creative experience for groups who wish to develop their own peace pole theme and healing process. 

Joan Marie, up until her passing in June 2021, lead the project’s development and formation of the first team of Artist Facilitators.  

We enthusiastically refer all inquiries from schools looking for the option that Peace Poles for Schools offers. 

The Peace Pole Gardens Project is a Compassionate Capital Region activity under the umbrella of  Chill Center, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to personal and community well-being.