CHILL Sacramento’s Outer Work Programs

Our Outer Work programs encourage CHILL participants to use the power of their meditation practices to join or launch programs that improve the community at large.

Explore the Outer Work Programs


Transform Communities – Our “Community in Practice” program is designed for those who wish to have greater impact in healing their neighborhoods and communities. Sample projects include bringing our meditation technique to communities in need of healing, to working with city councils, to spearheading a community improvement project.

Compassionate Capitol Region – Fosters compassionate action in areas such as city-wide innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, community & civic engagement and governance. CCR offers participants’ opportunities to become Compassion Ambassadors working with the neighborhood associations and groups on creating positive change.

Mercey Springs Foundation – Mercey Springs provides resources to those starting a charity, has an annual grant program for non-profits, recruits volunteers for local non-profits and supports fundraisers for worthy charitable causes in the Sacramento area.