Inner Work Training

Step Into a Life-long Practice of Inner Mastery

Inner Mastery: Transformation and Well-Being

A journey for personal discovery, self-healing, expanding awareness, deepening relationships and understanding the inner-workings of your life and the lives around you. People who practice the method share that they feel at peace, emotionally grounded, clear-minded and creative.

This training uses the Divine Spark Method, designed by Laura Hansen, a spiritual teacher who has dedicated herself to a lifelong practice of inner mastery of well-being as a doorway to serving others and her community.

Part 1 — Personal Transformation: The first step is about you. Expanding your ability to heal yourself by aligning with the energy of universal consciousness (Higher Self, God, Limitless Consciousness, Universe). Part 1 also prepares you for the Part 2 Community Transformation/Practitioner Certification if you wish to learn the practitioner-level techniques.

Part 2 — Community Transformation: The second step is about you helping others. You learn how to assist another person or persons in connecting with the Source of peace and transformation within them. This connection to their higher consciousness improves well-being, brings mental clarity, improved physical health and a stronger sense of life purpose and decision roadmap. Everything you learned how to access for yourself, you are able to guide another to do the same. When you complete Part 2, you are eligible to be a certified Divine Spark Practitioner.

Practitioners of other healing modalities, such as massage, Reiki, NLP, Conscious Touch, energy healing, counseling., combine Divine Spark with their modalities to enrich their healing practices.

Part 1: Personal Transformation

Once you complete Part 1, you can attend future Part 1 classes at no cost.

Part 2: Community Transformation

Once you complete Part 2, you can attend future Part 1 or Part 2 classes free of charge.

2024 Training:

Part 1
January 4 – February 22

Part 2
March 7 – April 25

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