Divine Spark Practitioner Training

Get certified in the Divine Spark Method

Divine Spark Practitioner Training

The Divine Spark Method is CHILL Sacramento’s meditation method for self-healing, expanding awareness, deepening relationships and understanding the inner-workings of your life and the lives around you. Students take Part One to enhance and expand their ability to heal themselves through the acknowledgement and alignment with the energy of universal consciousness. Part One also prepares you for the six-month Part Two Certification if you wish to learn the practitioner-level techniques.

During Part Two Divine Spark Practitioner Certification, participants learn how to conduct a Divine Spark Method Alignment Session. The shows you how to align vibrationally with the mental, emotional and physical energy body of your higher source self. As a certified practitioner, you will learn to connect with and speak with the voice of Divine Source within you and within others. Practitioners of other healing modalities, such as massage, Reiki, etc., combine Divine Spark with their modalities to enrich their healing practices.


Once you complete Part One, you can attend future Part One classes at no cost.


Once you complete Part Two, you can attend future Part One or Part Two classes free of charge.

Upcoming Divine Spark Practitioner Training Sessions:

Spring 2019
Part One begins May 19

Fall 2019
Part Two begins October 13

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