Mastery for Holistic Practitioners and Teachers

Master Teacher Training is a year-long monthly series that takes participants through the steps of finding your unique abilities and developing and delivering a curriculum to share those abilities. Ideally it is for those who wish to bring meditation  into their communities through our “Transform Communities” initiative; however, anyone who wishes to develop their teaching skills may engage in this training.

Monthly Topics:

1. Curriculum Inspiration and Structure. Affirming Who You Are As a Teacher and Your Role in the World

2. Developing Your Relationship to Curriculum Elements

3. Creating the Energy Container for the Curriculum

4. Sending out your Energy Field Invitation to Potential Participants

5. Getting Acquainted with the Souls of the Potential Participants

6. Preparing for Class/Event: Curriculum Notes, Physical Space, Assistant, Building the Class Sanctuary

7. The Teacher’s Journey – Losing and Finding Your Personal Space and Crown Chakra Command

8. The Keys to Creating and Maintaining Safety for the Teacher and Participants

9. How to Create Magic and Profound Realizations

10. Presenting the Curriculum – Part 1: How to Stay on Track and Respond to the Class Dynamics

11. Presenting the Curriculum – Part 2: Practicing Self-Awareness and Class Awareness While You Teach

12. Being a Student of the Curriculum. Enriching Your Curriculum and Your Mastery as a Teacher

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Class Recording
  • 20-30-min recorded meditation that leads you through the main concept of each class
  • One-page guide and key points for easy reference

Spark Practitioners and Spark training members – Free
All other practitioners and participants — $100/per workshop or $1000 for 12-series (save $200)


This course is ongoing. If you wish to join the Master Teacher Training course, please fill out the contact us form.

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