Practitioner Certification

Part 2: Community Transformation

Divine Spark Practitioner Certification

Part 2 — Community Transformation: Part 1 is about healing yourself — that’s the first step. The second step is about you helping others. You learn how to assist another person or persons in connecting with the Source of peace and transformation within them.

This connection to their higher consciousness improves well-being, brings mental clarity, improved physical health and a stronger sense of life purpose and decision roadmap. Everything you learned how to access for yourself, you are able to guide another to do the same. When you complete Part 2, you are eligible to be a certified Divine Spark Practitioner.

Practitioners of other healing modalities, such as massage, Reiki, etc., combine Divine Spark with their modalities to enrich their healing practices. Participants are encouraged to take Master Teacher Training following Divine Spark Practitioner Certification.

Training Class Topics:

  • Learn how to observe the God Within others while they restore wellness in their own personal space
  • Discover how to talk with and co-create with Universal Source
  • Allow the Universal Source within to lead your thoughts and actions
  • How to be conscious and present while allowing the God Within to speak vocally to you and the person in your session
  • How to be in conscious partnership with the God Within – Your Source Self

Eight-week course
Thursday evenings @ 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time.
See current schedule at right of this page.

Included in this live, interactive online training:

  • Session recordings
  • Practice sessions along side certified practitioners during the monthly Sanctuary for Inner Peace Energy Healing Clinic (Required)
  • 30-min live, guided meditations offered throughout the week at various times (optional)
  • 60-min live, guided meditation session to practice what you learned in the sessions (Deeper Dive Meditation held Tuesdays 6pm PT) (optional)
  • Weekly online meeting of practitioners and training members to share personal journey and life updates, group meditation and one-on-one energy healing and counseling with teachers and practitioners (optional)

This certification is designed so you can:

  • Have practical understanding of the Divine Spark Method
  • Create the Divine Spark self-healing meditation on your own
  • Have a strong, certain co-creative process with Source
  • Be proficient and certain about performing Divine Spark sessions with others

Training Cost:

$900 – single payment
$930 – two monthly payments of $465
Payment Options

Important note:

Once you complete Part Two, you can attend future Part One or Part Two classes free of charge. You will always find something new in the curriculum.

2024 Training:

Part 1
January 4 – February 22

Part 2
March 7 – April 25

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