Divine Spark Practitioner Training

Get certified in the Divine Spark Method

Part Two: Divine Spark Practitioner Certification

You will learn to connect with and speak with the voice of Divine Source within you and within others. Practitioners of other healing modalities, such as massage, Reiki, etc., combine Divine Spark with their modalities to enrich their healing practices. Participants are encouraged to take Master Teacher Training following Divine Spark Practitioner Certification.

Training Class Topics:

  • Learn how to observe the God Within others while they restore wellness in their own personal space
  • Discover how to talk with and co-create with Universal Source
  • Allow the Universal Source within to lead your thoughts and actions
  • How to be conscious and present while allowing the God Within to speak vocally to you and the person in your session
  • How to be in conscious partnership with the God Within – Your Source Self

Class and Sanctuary for Inner Peace times:
Monthly Training Class: Three-hour in-person (or online for distance students) class in Sacramento. Takes place on the second Sunday of the month from 10am – 1pm

Sanctuary for Inner Peace:
Attend a minimum of one Sanctuary for Inner Peace workshop per month.

At End of the Training, You Will:

  • Have practical understanding of the Divine Spark Healing Method
  • Create the Divine Spark self-healing meditation on your own
  • Have a strong, certain co-creative process with Source
  • Be proficient and certain about performing Divine Spark sessions with others

Training Cost:

$900 – single payment
$960 – two monthly payments of $480
$1,080 – six monthly payments of $180

Payment Options

Important note:

Once you complete Part Two, you can attend future Part One or Part Two classes free of charge. You will always find something new in the curriculum.

Upcoming Divine Spark Practitioner Training Sessions:

May 19, 2019
Part One

October 13, 2019
Part Two

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