Inner Work Training: Part 1

Personal Transformation and Well-being
Part 1 — Personal Transformation: The first step is about you. A journey for personal discovery, self-healing, expanding awareness, deepening relationships and understanding the inner-workings of your life and the lives around you. People who practice the method share that they feel at peace, emotionally grounded, clear-minded and creative.

You can expand your ability to heal yourself by aligning with the energy of universal consciousness (Higher Self, God, Limitless Consciousness, Universe). Part 1 also prepares you for the Part 2 Community Transformation/Practitioner Certification if you wish to learn the practitioner-level techniques.

Training Topics:

  • Chakras 8-12 — you learn how to consciously move through chakras and access your higher consciousness wisdom — you gain insight into the purpose and path of your life and the inner strength to walk that path.
  • Chakra 13 — an observation and integration position within your upper consciousness — a place to rest and re-connect with the peace within you.
  • Lower chakra command — how to stabilize emotions and improve your body’s wellness — learn how to listen to your body’s wisdom about diet, exercise, boundaries and overall well-being.
  • Body-Mind Wellness — awareness and understanding of your body and mind and their roles in wellness.
  • Conscious co-creativity and co-healing with the universal, limitless Source — the discovery that you are not living your life alone. You have a loving, powerful partner in your daily life that carries most of the load which allows you to go after what you really wish to experience.

Eight-week course
Thursday evenings @ 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time.
See current schedule at right of this page.

Included in this live, interactive online training:

  • Session recordings
  • 30-min live, guided meditations offered throughout the week at various times (optional)
  • 60-min live, guided meditation session to practice what you learned in the sessions (Deeper Dive Meditation held Tuesdays 6pm PT) (optional)
  • Weekly online meeting of practitioners and training members to share personal journey and life updates, group meditation and one-on-one energy healing and counseling with teachers and practitioners (optional)
  • Practice sessions along side certified practitioners during the monthly Sanctuary for Inner Peace Energy Healing Clinic (Recommended)

Training Cost:

$900 – single payment
$930 – two monthly payments of $465
Payment Options

Important note:

Once you complete Part One, you can attend future Part One classes free of charge. You will always find something new in the curriculum.

2024 Training:

Part 1
January 4 – February 22

Part 2
March 7 – April 25

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