Divine Spark Practitioner Training

Get certified in the Divine Spark Method

Divine Spark Method Training: Part One (Prerequisite to Part Two Practitioner Training)

This class is required for those who wish to take Practitioner Training Part Two; however, participants in Part One are not required to take Part Two.

Training Topics:

  • Awareness of chakras 8-12 shows you how to consciously move through chakras to restore them.
  • Creation, awareness and use of chakra 13 —an observation and integration position within your upper consciousness.
  • Awareness of the lower chakras, how to stabilize emotions and improve your body’s wellness
  • Awareness and understanding of your body and mind and their roles in wellness.
  • Conscious co-creativity and co-healing with the universal, limitless Source.

Class and Sanctuary for Inner Peace times:
Monthly Training Class: Three-hour in-person (or online for distance students) class in Sacramento. Takes place on the second Sunday of the month from 10AM to 1PM.

Sanctuary for Inner Peace:
Attend a minimum of one Sanctuary for Inner Peace workshop per month.

Training Cost:

$900 – single payment
$960 – two monthly payments of $480
$1,080 – six monthly payments of $180

Payment Options

Important note:

Once you complete Part One, you can attend future Part One classes free of charge. You will always find something new in the curriculum.

Upcoming Divine Spark Practitioner Training Sessions:

May 19, 2019
Part One

October 13, 2019
Part Two

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