Come discover the life-changing benefits of meditation

Meditation for Beginners class details:


When: second Tuesday of every month
Where: Sacramento Friends Meeting Room
890 57th Street (between H and J streets)
Sacramento, CA 95819
Time: 6PM – 7:30 PM
Fee: $10
Meditation for Beginners is a drop-in class. People are welcome to attend the class as many times as they wish.

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Come Have the Life-Changing Experience of Meditation for Yourself

 In recent years, the interest in meditation  has become more mainstream. Most understand it as a way to decrease stress and become more mindful, and many want to know more about how to actually do it. “How does it work?” “Why does it work?” and “How might it improve my life?” are questions we often hear.

 For thousands of years, meditation has been a way of life for millions—extending their lives, bringing them peace, and bringing greater understanding in their relationships, Today, aside from this ancient wisdom, we benefit from scientifically validated proof of improved health and wellness through meditation, which include:

  • Better Health: Enhanced immune function, decreased pain and inflammation
  • Inner Peace: Lowered levels of stress, depression and anxiety
  • Improved Social Life:  More positive social connections and emotional intelligence, greater compassion and sense of connection with others
  • Self-Control: Improved capacity to regulate emotions and to self-examine
  • Brain Improvements: Increased grey matter and improved ability to pay attention (Psychology Today)

Class Format

Our Meditation for Beginners class is taught in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. We begin by discussing the history of meditation, the different types of meditation, and the science behind the benefits. When then move into unique exercises and games designed to make you feel comfortable with your own experience meditating.

After this introduction, you will be taught the basic principles of the specific meditation technique we use at CHILL called the Divine Spark Method. The Divine Spark Method alleviates inner conflict and diminishes stress. It was developed by CHILL founder Laura Hansen after 25 years of study and practice.

Participants will also explore how to incorporate these meditative principles into daily life. More than just blocks of time spent in quiet contemplation, they help you create a way of being in the world that is more supportive and loving to yourself and others. You can find a place of peace from where you consciously create your outlook on life, your relationships with others and more regular, positive life experiences.

Whether you are thinking about trying meditation or are a seasoned meditator seeking a new method to incorporate into your practice, we hope you’ll join us for a Meditation for Beginners class to explore and experience the many physical, emotional and personal rewards afforded by meditation and the Divine Spark Method.