The Divine Spark Story

How questions about healing the parts lead to a technique for healing the whole

Rev. Laura Hansen

I’ve been a meditation teacher, spiritual teacher and intuitive guide for more than 30 years. I earned five Spiritual Teaching Certifications and completed four additional consciousness mechanics and energy healing programs. During my 20s and 30s, I was Seminary Rector for six years and Director of the Trance Medium training program at the Berkley Psychic Institute (BPI), among other leadership roles. I’ve spent over 50,000 hours in meditation and have conducted over 20,000 individual energy healing and spiritual counseling sessions to help people sort out their lives and heal their pain.

I don’t really talk about these stats and details of my own study and training much. From my mid-20s to now, exploring and understanding the mechanics of spirit (consciousness) has been my life’s work. As a meditation teacher and energy healer, I seek to understand so I can share what I’ve learned about how we can be whole, at peace and actively make our lives and the world a safer and kinder place. It was during these years that I had three realizations about how personal change happens that I’d like to share with you:

#1: Understanding One’s Life Doesn’t Always Equate to Healing and Change
Yes, people were surprised at the accuracy of the insights and images of their lives that I could perceive and share. Some people took that information to make change in their lives. Others would process it as interesting information and then continue their life as before. Even though they wanted to change, they did not change.

After observing this repeatedly, I took a different approaching during readings—I started talking to people’s Higher Selves (also known as the Source Self or God Self). The Source Self which is all-knowing, whole and at peace, and I would ask it questions (silently in the field of consciousness) such as, “What are you working on right now?” and “How can I support you?” A person’s Source Self knows what it needs, so it would tell me, and I would relay the information to the person.

Engaging with a person’s Source Self during our session created the opportunity – a portal – for this Higher-Self aspect to step forward more fully into the physical life. In that moment, the wholeness, peace and wisdom came through and replaced some or all of the pain, confusion and self-doubt they were experiencing. It was at that point that I began designing the Divine Spark Method.

#2: The Act of a “Source Self” Witnessing Another is a Healing Act
Once I shifted to speaking with the Source Self rather than interpreting mental image pictures within the energy field of  person or space, another truth became clear. The simple act of my Source Self witnessing the other person’s Source Self was healing in itself. It gave me a simultaneous alignment to my own wholeness and peace.

We all just want to be acknowledged, appreciated and loved—even at our higher levels of consciousness. And this act of acknowledgment provides a healing.

#3: Wholesale Change is Possible
Have you ever heard the expression: Nature abhors a vacuum? It means that space must be occupied with something. Since we are part of nature, this expression applies to us as well. Our inner landscape is ours to design and fill. We can fill it with our thoughts, beliefs, memories, habits, etc. Or, we can fill it with our Higher Self energies. One way or another, the space will get filled with something. So, why not be in control of those ingredients?

Many traditional and non-traditional healing methods focus on sorting through individual obstacles or past events and healing them individually. With the Divine Spark method, it is possible to use the Source Self to heal many things at once. When a person learns to be in the vibration of who she truly is, anything that doesn’t resonate with that truth disappears. You become different by learning to perceive and operate in the world as your Source Self.

The Divine Spark method is much faster too because it doesn’t involve your mind. Rather your mind gets a healing. You can make big changes in a deceptively small-looking way.

In 2009, I began to develop the Divine Spark method and during all of 2010, I tested it during a series of half-day workshops. Then, in 2011, I asked 12 trusted advanced spiritual practitioners if they would join me in working with this method and offering a public sanctuary for self-healing here in Sacramento.

To me, the Divine Spark Method offers a doorway to a blessed and meaningful life. When a person is experiencing their Source Self, they can use the method to lift themselves, get better insights and help others heal by being in this space. That is the ultimate objective, and our Sanctuary for Inner Peace healing clinic events are a place to experience this state.

Acknowledging Healing Paths
This is my caveat. While the Divine Spark Method can provide wholesale healing, I do acknowledge that the process of healing certain individual parts has a major place in some people’s evolution and healing journey. It did in mine, and it has great value in finding grace with our life experiences.

Perhaps a trauma or other experience has so affected an individual and who he or she has become, that the participation in the healing of that specific event is critical for that individual. I’ve found that a combination of specific issue resolution with Source Self alignment is a powerful combination.

In my experience, a person may need to participate in the healing of childhood abuse, for example, but after achieving a certain level of healing that trauma, they are ready to experience the wholesale change afforded by the Divine Spark Method.

Wherever you are in your journey, experience the Divine Spark Method to see how it fits for you. No matter what, you’ll find a loving, wellness-driven community that will cheer you on.

In wholeness and grace… and some fun,

Rev. Laura Hansen