What is the Divine Spark Meditation Practice?
An Easy Meditation Technique to Access Your Source Self

Divine Spark is a unique and simple meditation practice that teaches you how to work with your Divine Self, also known as your Source Self or the God within. It is a meditation technique that shows you how to view the world and make decisions from your higher levels of consciousness. Divine Spark focuses on holistic change rather than focusing on individual parts. The result is more peace, stronger personal intuition, and faster individual development. Many also use the Divine Spark method to overcome blocks and past traumas.

The Divine Spark method was created by Laura Hansen, a 30+ year master meditation teacher, energy healer and spiritual counselor. After tens of thousands of hours in meditation and as many hours teaching and training others to rebuild their lives from the inside out, Laura developed this gentle-awareness technique for faster personal insights and growth.

How does it work?

Divine Spark is one of the few meditation practices that incorporates chakras 8 to 12 (and beyond). These five energy centers that reside above your head represent your higher levels of consciousness. The Divine Spark meditation technique teaches you to work with these charkas to access the wisdom, guidance and inspiration from your Source Self. Your Source Self truly knows what it needs, and we believe that going directly to your Source Self is the fastest path to growth and healing.

Is Divine Spark an alternative healing modality?

Yes, we believe it is. The difference is that Divine Spark doesn’t focus on one specific problem per se or refer to the person as “needing to evolve.” Divine Spark frames the healing process as one of recognizing the Source energy within a block, focusing on Source energy (represented by a golden light), and choosing this light instead of the darkness. Then, your reality becomes the light, which makes the block disappear because you’ve chosen to experience the source energy instead of the block.

As a by-product, intuition and clairvoyance are revealed and strengthened by the Divine Spark method. Even though these skills are not the primary objective of the technique, your psychic abilities will blossom and flourish in a natural and integrated way into your life.

Many alternative healing practitioners learn the Divine Spark method to enrich their existing healing practice. Several Divine Spark practitioners are also professional alternative healers in the following methods: acupressure, angel therapy counselors, massage therapists, naturopaths, Reiki masters, Quantum Touch healers, Pranic healers, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and professional business intuitives.

What is the Divine Spark Community?

The Divine Spark Community is made up of our practitioners, students and regular attendees. They are a loving and non-judgmental group made up of like-minded people from various religions, ways and walks of life. Some in our community seek to overcome past traumas and blocks in order to be happier, more productive people. Others seek spiritual growth to be positive role models and affect changes in the world around them. Others still are healers who seek to enrich their healing skills by incorporating their Source Self.

Regardless of one’s ultimate goals, Divine Spark is always a safe space where a person may explore personal growth and healing without the fear of judgment.

Is Divine Spark a religion?

Divine Spark is not a religion; however, it can be incorporated with any religion or spiritual practice in order to find greater inner peace. We believe that everyone has an individual path, and Divine Spark is one option to incorporate into your path. Divine Spark does not require adherence to any one religious doctrine. That said, Divine Spark Practitioners are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist and Agnostic. Many claim that Divine Spark adds depth to their prayer and devotion within their faith.

Are there many prerequisites to become a Divine Spark Practitioner?

No. We believe you already have everything you need—it’s just a matter of learning to access it. The Divine Spark method trusts who you are as source, so no prerequisites or years of study are required to start on the path of a practitioner.

The Divine Spark Practitioner training is a two-part, twelve-month program. Part 1 is six months and Part 2 is six months. Students meet once per month for three hours and are encouraged to attend our meditation classes and our healing clinics, which we call the “Sanctuary for Inner Peace.”