Testimonials about the Divine Spark Method of Meditation

We surveyed guests and regular workshop attendees about their impressions and experiences with the CHILL community and the Divine Spark Method of meditation. Read below about what they had to say

How would you describe CHILL Sacramento and Divine Spark?
“For me, it’s a community of like-minded people that I can connect with on a deeper level. It’s a place where I feel I can really open up and discuss freely things I experience without any judgement. I can receive unconditional love and acceptance. It’s also a place that helps guide me and support me in my journey.” Dr. Lynda T.

What do you think of the Sanctuary for Inner Peace experience?
“I like going because it is never the same. I’ve gotten a lot of personal insights and awareness about myself. Overall I get a huge sense of clarity and a sense of shedding the unnecessary weight that we gather on ourselves. Last Monday I felt light and free and unburdened when I left. It was a wonderful feeling. I feel like my spiritual mind grows every time I go there – mainly because of the collective energy.” William A.

“It’s too amazing to begin to discuss. It’s where we witness our connections to each other and the connections we have to the Divine. It’s always good to go in, release unwanted energy, know you can do it, and feel safe. It’s an amazing miracle. I’ve had many positive experiences.” Melanie N.

How have you benefited from attending our classes?

“I am able to quiet my mind and stay focused.”

“During the class, I felt supported, encouraged, and safe.”

“I felt relief. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

“I benefit every time I go, sometimes I don’t know it right at the time, but it always shows up.”

“My life has changed in profound ways for the better. I have learned to be centered and not be reactive in uncomfortable situations. I learned to love myself, accept myself and take responsibility for my life, actions thoughts. I’ve also learned to love deeper, open more fully, communicate better. I could go on and on. In other words, it has been a great value for me to create the life I choose and to grow and learn more every day!”

How have you benefited from attending our classes?

“With Divine Spark, I’ve fully overcome baggage I carried from negative life experiences—things I worked on for years using other modalities and therapies – in just a few months. I also feel like I am part of a community of loving, accepting and supportive people who are non-judgmental.”

What makes the Divine Spark Method different from other meditation methods and programs?

“Everyone is respected and nobody’s views about Spirit dominate.”

“The people. The high level of integrity. It is very loving without pushing a religion or agenda. Simple, yet powerful. “

“I’m not sure there is a similar program around. This goes right to the source. No messing around! I think it’s one of the quickest ways to have change.”

“It’s a safe, grounded and understanding place to learn. It allows you to explore your life how you need to explore without trying to change you. What I mean is you can have your own way of doing something, seeing, experiencing, and it’s OK. You are never wrong. There are essentially no books or rules that one must follow to learn. It is, was, and always will be my way for me.”

“It’s concept is deceptively simple yet all encompassing. It focuses on personal awareness and personal experience; each person receives something. As a group, the healing work is amplified to a miracle level — if the person is able to receive it. There is almost zero judgment though gentle awarenesses are shared; no matter where one is on their own journey, they WILL find something to benefit them.”