Our Board is Building!


Over the last year, our transitional board of founders of Mercey Springs Foundation and Compassionate Capital Region have been building the infrastructure for the new vision for Chill Sacramento. Now that our structure is in place and our key programs documented or in process, we’ve begun the joyful work of building a board of dedicated community leaders who believe in the organization’s mission: to give individuals and communities the tools and connection to resources they seek for making decisions that serve their individual and collective good — including perspectives and practices for personal wellness and development, cultural understanding and celebration, volunteer resiliency, servant leadership and neighborhood economic activation.


To see the team of Board Advisors, please see our Advisors page.

Laura Hansen
Board President

Laura Hansen, social entrepreneur, best-selling author, patent-holding product designer, and strategic business advisor.
Founder/President of GoldVision, LLC, an organization dedicated to cultivating stewardship practices in organizations, business and within the individual...

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Anita Renee Johnson

Anita R Johnson, Financial Psychologist, is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and founder of Money Wisdom for Women. Anita has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, Finance, helping entrepreneurs find their financial voice...

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Joan Marie
Vice President

Joan Marie is the owner of Compassion Central in Carmichael, a venue with a mission to host and promote educational and cultural events and training that serve veterans, women and girls. She is co-founder of Compassionate Capitol Region, an Ambassador for Compassionate Women and Girls, a Conscious Touch Educator and VP...
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Brenda Astara Gustin, Ph.D.

Brenda Astara Gustin, Ph.D., has focused her life upon peace and freedom. As co-founder and President of a Sudbury School, children, including her own, were provided opportunity to create from their innate desire to learn. Trust allowed them to grow into responsible citizens.

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Kimberly Gudino
Youth Programs

Kimberly grew up in South Sacramento, in a community with rich family values, hardworking immigrants, cultural diversity, love, and so much untapped potential.

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Michele Bennyhoff
Community Partnerships

As Community Partnerships Chair, Michele stewards the relationship development with community
organizations for the purpose of furthering the organization's mission.

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Leah Burdick

For more than 20 years, Leah Burdick has held a variety of marketing and communications roles including tenures in New York City advertising, owning her own Chicago digital marketing agency, and more recently serving...

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Linda Falasco Mavilla
Director at Large/Mercey Springs Program

From early in her professional career, Linda dedicated herself to environmental stewardship through industry leadership and political influence. Later in her professional life, she would step into community stewardship with the formation of a nonprofit which helped other nonprofits thrive...
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