Our Board is Building!


We’ve begun the joyful work of building a board of dedicated community leaders who believe in the organization’s mission: to give individuals and communities the tools and connection to resources they seek for making decisions that serve their individual and collective good — including perspectives and practices for personal wellness and development, cultural understanding and celebration, volunteer resiliency, servant leadership and neighborhood economic activation.


To see the team of Board Advisors, please see our Advisors page.

Laura Hansen

Laura Hansen

Board President

Founder/President of GoldVision, LLC, an organization dedicated to cultivating stewardship practices in organizations, business and within the individual, providing strategic planning and community partnership development along with staff and administrative oversight.

Founder of Compassionate Capital Region, a Chill Sacramento social impact project for the seven-county region in and around Sacramento, California’s capital. Team lead for the Compassionate Sacramento project, a collaboration between Compassionate Capital Region, the Mayor’s office of Civic Engagement and over 50 community organizations and businesses.

Founder Divine Spark Center 2011. Offering mediation, mindfulness training, workshops and deep personal study programs. These trainings have since been transferred to = Chill Sacramento’s Inner Work program.

Strategic Advisor, Compassionate California. A member of the global organization, Charter for Compassion, in partnership with the office of the Dalai Lama.

Marianne Candela

Marianne Candela


Marianne Candela is an experienced Credentialed & Mastered former High School English Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education system. She is a Chicanx-Queer-Radical that has a passion for serving communities that meet at the intersections of her identity. Her belief that human connection is the antidote to trauma informs her work as Host of That’s a MindFULL! Podcast, as a trauma researcher & community educator.She currently serves as an independent contractor for local organizations in Sacramento dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression and harm by utilizing compassion, healing centered collaboration & trauma informed practices.
Anita Johnson

Anita Johnson


Anita R Johnson, Financial Psychologist, is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and founder of Money Wisdom for Women. Anita has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, Finance, helping entrepreneurs find their financial voice. After settling into entrepreneurship in 1998 with Anita R Johnson & Associates as the parent company, she quickly founded Money Wisdom for Women to help women upgrade their unhealthy financial habits to healthy habits, helping them make sound financial decisions.

Anita takes a holistic approach to money, focusing on enhancing your financial well being, while understanding your emotional behavior around money. Anita knows once a client understands their anxiety around money, he/she can make clear and concise money decisions that will affect your legacy.

She has been seen on FOX 40, Good Day Sacramento, – Channel 31. Contributing writer for The Sacramento Observer, and countless other online news outlets. She has been interviewed and quoted in Essence Online, JPMorgan Chase online, Glamour magazine or example.

Brenda Gustin

Brenda Gustin

Mercey Springs Director

Brenda Astara Gustin, Ph.D., has focused her life upon peace and freedom. As co-founder and President of a Sudbury School, children, including her own, were provided opportunity to create from their innate desire to learn. Trust allowed them to grow into responsible citizens. At the Radiant Health Center, she and her colleagues assist adults in doing the same. As a Global Anchor within BraveHeart Women, a smooth transition as the Co-Director for The Charter for Compassion Women & Girls Sector emerged. A Board position for Chill of Sacramento was the next best step to consciously continue the work of Mercey Springs Foundation through a broader local platform. The continuous thread in Brenda’s life is the joyful opportunity to actively highlight the work of like-hearted people dedicated to improving life through collaborations locally and worldwide.

Brenda is the Founder of Union with the Heart, co-owner of The Radiant Health Center and author of The Foundation Trilogy: Soul Union Series. Through her work with Ananda Yoga and Meditation, sacred geometry, mandala, sound healing and various bodywork modalities, people learn how to listen to their bodies and create sacred union within all levels of them(cell)ves to live healthy and joyful lives.

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