What is CHILL Sacramento?

CHILL Sacramento is the realization of a dream by many people dedicated to creating safe, healthy communities. Over the past couple of years, these heart-led leaders found each other and discovered their shared vision.

Each of us walked through a different door, followed a unique path to a common aspiration — we all seek acceptance of our unique selves, to be understood and to feel that we belong and are valued in our communities.

Through learning each others stories, understanding the history of policies, politics and systemic exclusion in our region and country, we can more clearly see how to break down walls of fear and replace them with bridges of understanding which lead to change.

Healthy, safe communities are ones in which all residents feel that they belong.
They can feel free to walk the streets, talk to their neighbors
and express their uniqueness.

When bringing wholeness to change a community, we also look at the economic history, history of education, history of how the neighborhood has developed, history of the culture, or the mix of cultures. By identifying the areas of needed change, can build a new foundation for the soul of the community.

Just as when doing work to change yourself as an individual, this approach to changing a community takes longer, but it is more meaningful and is the only way to bring about effective change.

At CHILL Sacramento, a person can step into the life of a Mindful Activist – whether one is an advocate for their own inner peace, or an activist for the well-being of a community, or both, people learn to approach their lives, their communities and their goals from a place of wholeness for long-term and meaningful change.

In the weeks ahead, we will be adding more details to the educational opportunities and ways we can all participate. You will also see our Advisory Council and Board of Directors pages completed.

May we have peace within us, and peace between us.