CHILL Sacramento’s Inner Work Programs

Our Inner Work programs show you how to use the Divine Spark Meditation method to view the world and make decisions from your higher levels of consciousness. Whether you wish to learn meditation for more inner peace or desire to become a master meditation teacher, you’ll find a training that’s right for you.

Explore the Inner Work Programs

End-of-Day Meditations End your day with an easy, restorative and gently fun guided meditation and mindful movement. Held on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays.

Deeper Dive Meditation – A guided meditation for self-healing and restoration that meets the 4th Tuesday of every month. It’s based on the Divine Spark Method and is more advanced than the End-of-Day Meditation sessions.

Sanctuary for Inner Peace – Energy medicine. Energy healing that helps balance thoughts, emotions and heal coping behaviors. Sessions are held the 1st Monday.

Divine Spark Practitioner Training– Divine Spark is a meditation technique that shows you how to view the world and make decisions from your higher levels of consciousness. The Divine Spark Practitioner training includes a six-month prerequisite course followed by six months of practitioner training.

Master Teacher Training – For those who teach or wish to teach personal development courses, this year-long monthly series that takes you through the steps of developing and delivering a curriculum.

Discover Divine Spark

About Divine Spark – Divine Spark is a unique and simple meditation practice that focuses on holistic change rather than focusing on individual parts. The result is more peace, stronger personal intuition, and faster individual development.

Divine Spark Story – Learn how veteran meditation teacher Laura Hansen developed The Divine Spark Method to work with a person’s Source Self for faster insights and healing.