Chill Club: Meditation Club for Students

Chill Sacramento will work with your school or young adult organization to launch a meditation club

@ Rocklin High School, Rocklin, CA

Rocklin High School is one of the top high-achieving schools in the region. The expectations for excellence are high. The students are dedicated and the work load can be overwhelming at times. Chill Club gives students a safe space to share what they are experiencing emotionally, learn techniques for improving mental clarity, emotional stability and positive decision-making.

During the 2017-18 school year, Chill Sacramento conducted a pilot program with a small group of students. At the student’s request, Chill Club is continuing on for the 2018-19 school year.

Parent Testimonial on Meditation for Students

“Our 15-year-old son has wrestled for over 4 years. In the past, when he lost a match, he would be inconsolable. He took a loss extremely hard, overreacting in emotions. We didn’t know what we could do to help teach him better coping skills. Then, after meditating five days a week for a few months, my son lost two matches in a row and just took it in stride, stating, ‘I will do better next time.’ His father and I are grateful for this positive emotional change.  Meditation has taught our son to remain more neutral, allowing his emotions to remain balanced in times of pressure.”
Annette H, Sacramento, CA

Meditation for Students

Meditation for Students

Would you like to listen to a sample meditation? Below is an example of a 15-min meditation typical of what students experience during a high school Chill Club meeting. The guided meditation is easy to follow and takes the listener through the fundamental steps of a Life Mechanics mediation. Life Mechanics is an approach to living life mindfully that engages the imagination, quiets the mind and empowers the individual to be their best selves.

Each club meeting we talk about a different topic suggested by the students, then we include games and meditations that offer an inspiring approach to the topic or issue the students decide upon at the beginning of class.


Enjoy a 18-min meditation for finding your calm, centeredness and confidence

by Laura Hansen

How Young People Benefit from Meditation

Teen depression and suicide rates have been on the rise since 2010, and many of the signs point to too much screen time as the culprit. (Washington Post)

Since meditation releases “feel good” hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, it’s not surprising that parents, teachers and concerned adults are embracing meditation for children and teens. Scan the news, and you’ll see that more schools are teaching mindfulness techniques, and others are replacing after-school detention with meditation lessons.

Research shows that young people benefit from meditation through increased focus, better school grades, improved mental health, enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation, and bolstered social-emotional development. Meditation is a particular therapeutic respite for children and teens who have experienced trauma. (Forbes)

CHILL Sacramento has developed meditation instruction for students that is easily implemented at schools and other organizations. We teach a simple meditation practice where children learn basic techniques to stabilize their emotions. It allows kids to clear distracting thoughts and quiet the mind. As a result, the children create a positive state of mind where they feel stronger and more stable.

Students also learn how to breathe mindfully, which can be done anytime, anywhere. This allows them to move from the sympathetic nervous system, which is the state of “fight or flight,” to the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body and slows the heart rate. Above all, children discover that they are not at the mercy of what is happening in the environment around them. They have the ability to take control of their wellbeing and calm themselves.