Your soul is the essence of who you are.

Sometimes when we feel isolated or depressed, it is because our souls are not being properly acknowledged.

During the Sanctuary for Inner Peace, you can sit with a Divine Spark practitioner who locates “you” — your energetic vibration as a soul — so you can remember the beautiful person you really are.



When: first Monday of every month
Where: Sacramento Friends Meeting Room
Address: 890 57th Street, Sacramento, CA 95819
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
ADA Compliant. Small parking lot and free street parking

Suggested donation: $10 (If that is out of your budget, give what you can to financially support the space)

Sanctuary for Inner Peace Format

 Upon your arrival, you will join a guided meditation to help you clear any stress or anxiety from your day. This is followed by an orientation about the Sanctuary for Inner Peace and an introduction to the Divine Spark Method, which is the meditation practice we teach at CHILL. During the orientation, everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves, so you can share a part of your self-healing story or the questions you’d like insight around.

You will then go into the meditation sanctuary area and observe a Divine Spark method demonstration as a process for self-healing, wholeness and inner peace. Then you will sit with a Divine Spark Practitioner to experience an energetic alignment session first-hand.

The energy alignment occurs when the universal presence within you is acknowledged. Sanctuary for Inner Peace participants report having a palpable experience of feeling their soul. They experience the connection they have to the universe, which provides a shift in perception about themselves and their lives.

After the energy alignment session, participants will have an opportunity to meet with the Divine Spark practitioner to gain insights, ask questions and discuss the experience.