Alek Jones

Artist Facilitator

Alek Jones is a painter from Los Angeles who moved to Sacramento as an adolescent. He resides in the city of Sacramento with his wife and two sons.   

Some of Alek’s mediums are acrylic, pen and ink markers and charcoal.  His art showcases people of color in beauty, positivity and glory, free of stereotypes or images of oppression.  His desired impact for his art is to force his audience to see beauty, power, strength and vulnerability in images featuring people of color. He wants the audience to view his art and feel moved not by pity, sorrow or white guilt, but by raw humanity.  

Alek Jones first display of art took place in the 2021 Crocker Art Museum exhibition “Activism Through the Arts,” presented by the Sacramento General of Congress of Women. You can find Alek’s art on Instagram @alekjonesart.