Lisa Elias

Artist Facilitator

Lisa Elias was born and raised in Sacramento, CA.  

 She is a multi-faceted visual and performing artist.  Lisa enjoys creating for creation’s sake.  It has helped her through her whole life, when words fail to release enough for her emotionally.  Throughout her life she has been guided by intuition, dreams, and love.  Going where she’s called to.  Celebrating abstractly the reality experienced.  Knowing her purpose is bigger than just her.  Knowing and holding onto love.   Her strength is her independence and freedom.  She is bold enough to walk the undesired path.  The owning of her truth no longer means suffering.  With the bravery to live and love still in a world that tells us repeatedly to be scared and hateful.  She bravely and open heartedly pushes through the discomfort of who she is and has been. For who she is becoming, for the betterment of her bloodline, and those to come.  Her one rule for art is, have fun.  In her spare time, she enjoys anything nature, watching movies, or volunteering. 

 Her work can be found throughout the year in various galleries and community spaces. Her work was also featured in the Activism Through The Arts exhibit presented by Sacramento Congress Women at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA 

 You can find Lisa’s art on Instagram @lisa.elias.