Renee Scott-Femenella

Artist Facilitator

Renee loves to paint everything from rocks to murals and works primarily in both watercolor and acrylic.  

Professional artist is a fairly new title.  Retired in 2018 after 32 years in education, Renee spent 23 years leading schools as a principal with disenfranchised communities.  Her passion was creating empowerment through the arts.  She continues to collaborate to raise conscious awareness of social justice, racial and environmental inequities.  She brings this passion to the Peace Pole Garden Project. 

Several of her paintings were on exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum in “Activism Through the Arts” (2021).  She has also exhibited in “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” (2019) in Fallbrook.  

She is also an Ambassador for Compassionate Arts in Action, a statewide project. 

From New York, Renee has lived in Sacramento since 1979.  She and her great love Ted, an educator & photographer, have a son and daughter.   

Her Facebook page us @lensartbyscottfemenella