Susan Rueppel

Strategic Board Advisor

Susan Rueppel, as Professional Business Intuitive and Intentional Intuition Activist, Susan accesses the power of intuition to align and activate heart-based women entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world with your purpose and passion.  She teaches how to tap into the Innate Intelligence of your business for the clarity, certainty and courage that accelerates the realization of your greatest potential.  She teaches how to shift from having intuitive insights be rare and random, to engaging “Intentional Intuition” in purposeful, practical, and powerful ways for greater business success.

WINtuition® Founder & Owner, Chief Intuition Officer®, Susan illuminates the unique genius of women entrepreneurs to make business easier, more profitable, and more fun.  She artfully and strategically blends 20+ years in Corporate America, with two decades as a professional intuitive, Personality Dynamics® trainer, author and speaker.