CHILL’s “Community In Practice” Program

Transform Communities is CHILL Sacramento’s “Community in Practice” program designed for those residents who wish to have greater impact in healing their neighborhoods and communities. The Transform Communities program is currently in development with community partners with the intent to launch on or before Q1 2019. For alerts on program updates, register to the right.

About Transform Communities Certification
The Transform Communities certification program will consist of cohorts of 15-20 people who move though a year-long training program together. Participants will apply to participate, and each cohort will consist of community organizers, individual neighborhood residents, parents, and elected officials representing diverse groups and different viewpoints. Cohorts will be deliberately constructed to avoid homogeneous group think.

Our study will focus on ways to repair the soul of a community. Participants will take the tools used in CHILL’s inner work programs, which seek acceptance, truth and wholeness, and apply them as outer work toward a community in forms such as restorative justice, policy advocacy resilient volunteerism. We will explore a community as we would an individual: What is the area’s history? What events led to the collective fears we have today? What traumas affected the community? What positive experiences influence the neighborhood? We will look at how to be in a state of wholeness as a community, and what programs and actions are needed to sustain continued wholeness.

Classes & Workshops

Apart from the formal Transform Communities certification, CHILL will also offer one-day, weekend or evening workshops on a variety of related community service topics. Workshops will be presented by subject matter experts and leaders from around the country who bring vital new ideas to the Sacramento area. Example workshop topics include how to be a resilient volunteer, how to discover your personal mission, and how to advocate for a cause. All courses will introduce topics that support the mission of creating caring communities.

Community Partners

CHILL Sacramento is currently aligned with two organizations that offer community service outlets for Transform Communities participants. We will be announcing new program partners and community service outlet partners throughout the year.

Compassionate Capitol Region (CCR)

— is part of the Charter for Compassion organization and a regional advocate for the International Compassionate Cities Initiative, which supports governments and citizens in planning and realizing initiatives that foster compassionate action in areas such as city-wide innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, community & civic engagement and governance. CCR offers participants’ opportunities to become Compassion Ambassadors who work with neighborhood associations and groups on creating positive change. They may also help train volunteers, become a speaker in the community, or present the compassionate cities initiative to city councils around the region.

Mercey Springs Foundation (MSF)

– supports nonprofits within the region needing additional assistance through grant funding and volunteer resources. Transform Community participants may apply to be on the Board of Directors or advisors to a MSF-sponsored nonprofit.

If you represent a local organization with a similar mission and are interested in forming an alliance with CHILL Sacramento, please contact Laura Hansen at




Transform Communities Program

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