Kimberly Gudino

Kimberly grew up in South Sacramento, in a community with rich family values, hardworking immigrants, cultural diversity, love, and so much untapped potential. In high school, she helped advance the #Health4All campaign, at the local and statewide level through peer-to-peer education, storytelling, marches, and protests.

Kimberly continued her advocacy in college, with a special focus on digital organizing, to help combat problematic narratives that were, in part, fueling divisions, hate crimes, and internalized social stigma. More importantly, she began to use the storytelling capabilities of social media to help amplify the voice of a generation, community, and people who did not want the country to slip back but move forward. She helped organize wellness pop-ups across the state in places like Stockton, Santa Cruz, San Jose, the Central Valley, and Los Angeles to help young people hold space to heal, create a shared vision, and recognize their collective strength. She hopes to increasingly step into her role as a leader to bring greater attention and break the school to prison pipeline that has harmed so many of her childhood friends.

Today Kimberly is an adviser at Rosa Parks K-8, introducing junior high school-aged youth to health justice campaigns and tending to the social emotional needs of young people and upcoming community champions to leverage statewide power for the purpose of systems change.