by Phil Cullinen

Kundalini energy comes with your body.  This energy is not a mystical commodity available only to the spiritually wealthy.  If you have a body, you have Kundalini.  It has been defined in many ways.  In Asia, it is called “Chi,” and is looked upon as the power energy that is stored in the body, waiting to be released through Tai Chi, Qigong, Aikido and other martial arts.  In the New Testament, it is recognized as the “fire of the Holy Spirit.”

Tibetan mystics recognize Kundalini as “Tumo fire.”  It is historically recorded that a Tibetan monk, Milarepa, sustained himself almost exclusively on this fire meditation. East Indian tradition names this energy “serpent fire,” and visualizes it as a coiled serpent that resides at the base of the spine and rises when a person reaches a level of spiritual clarity.

The Sanskrit meaning translates as “seat of fire.” The American medical profession uses the caduceus, a Greek symbol of a snake winding around a tree, to identify its healing knowledge. The caduceus is the oldest historical symbol of Kundalini energy. In using Kundalini, your body has a unique language for telling you of its active presence.  In identifying a few possible reactions: Have you ever felt heat centered at the bottom of your spine, or tingling up your spine?  Have you had an unexplained rash?  How about night sweats, hot or cold flashes?  Do you recall waking up bright-eyed at 3:00 a.m., ready to write your novel or jog around the block?  Each response can translate into a Kundalini experience.

Kundalini flows as a healing energy, and spontaneously turns on when you need help.  If you found yourself in an emotionally or physically stressful situation, making a decision about something that would alter your life, you may have encountered this Kundalini surging through the body, providing it plentiful energy.  Kundalini energy can heighten your awareness of yourself on a body and a being level, balancing and clearing the intercommunication between the physical and spiritual parts of you.

Running Kundalini tunes you into seeing, knowing and feeling the presence of your spiritual essence.  One of the biggest myths about Kundalini is that you have to “wait for it to come to you.”  That is a spiritual untruth that discourages people from learning how to use it.

Chances are, you may have read something about Kundalini that may have cautioned against its practice.  But, there is a missing piece to the puzzle.  How do you make it safe and effortless and receive its benefits?  When the body is not grounded and disconnected from the being, Kundalini may stir fear.  However, it is a simple process to alter the experience through the use of spiritual tools and visualizations.  In creating a comfortable setting, allowing for an accelerated pace, a Kundalini meditation can produce a high level of spiritual growth and healing. The Kundalini process, by way of “charging” the body,” creates a state of spiritual awareness.  A small investment of this body energy grosses an abundant return in the growth of the spirit.

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